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Optimize Membership Plans and Perks Display

Users might miss important information about membership plans due to excessive scrolling and lack of feature prioritization. Additionally, the Perks page seems overloaded, making it challenging for users to quickly scan and find relevant perks. It is necessary to balance the information and presentation to encourage user engagement and understanding.

Users Impacted: 6

Multiple video playback and usability issues

The issues include broken video links, delayed loading, no autoplay, poor visual indicators, difficulty in initiating video playback, blank video players, slow playlist retrieval, and unresponsive play buttons. These problems significantly affect user experience and the primary functionality of consuming the video content.

Users Impacted: 13
What improvements can we make to the pricing page?
Prominent Display of Value Proposition:
Ensure that the value of the premium content is clearly communicated before users see the price. This will help them understand the benefits they are paying for.
Simplifying Discount Information:
Use clearer, more polished visuals and text to make discount details apparent. Avoid a mix of colors and strikethroughs that may confuse users.


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